"Give us the wisdom and the ability to comprehand"   |   Admission open for session 2014-15.
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Bal Bharati's educational philosophy is inspired by its moto 'Give us the wisdom and the ability to comprehend'. The school, has two units spread over more than five acres and managed by The Child Education Society. BBPS is a part of chain of Bal Bharati Public Schools committed to the cause of imparting quality education. The schools is co-educational with English as the medium of instruction.
Education at BBPS reflects the growth of potential powers in a child- the power of the body and the mind, of intellect and imagination, of creativity and intuition. This is achieved through a well planned curriculum complemented by a plethora of activities in sports and creative arts.  The idea is to provide quality education and prepare members of society who believe in caring and sharing.

The students are encouraged to explore their immediate surroundings by making optimum use of all facilities.


The acclaimed and tested method of Dr. Maria Montessori, based on teaching through tangible objects is followed. Children learn best when they are using all their five senses i.e. touch, hearing, sight, taste and smell. This brings the real world into the classroom.It sustains their interest and gives the Pre-School child the best possible start to learning. No set time table is followed. This allows the children to learn according to their individual needs. A beginning is made in the three Rís i.e. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. In addition healthy competitions and excursions are organized.

Child Education Society is an apex body of Bal Bharati Public Schools and other institutions for higher education. The society was set up in 1944.The society is guided by the Board of Management comprising of various personalities from different walks of life.Late founder chairman of BBPS Ludhiana Sh.K.K.Khullar, a social worker, philanthropist and an educational was the Chairman of the society. Under his dynamic leadership, the pace of expansion and development of new schools greatly quickened in recent years, going up from just one in 1984 to as many as 22 schools and institutions today.
Acting Chairman
Mr. L.R Chanana
Mrs. Punam Dogra
Bal Bharati Public School, Phase II, Urban Estate, Dugri Ludhiana. (Unit I)
Ph: 0161-2520170,2521170

Bal Bharati Public School, Phase III, Urban Estate, Dugri Ludhiana. (Unit II)
Ph: 0161-2520870


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