Bal Bharti Public School
"Give us the wisdom and the ability to comprehend"
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Computer Aided Education
"You can teach a student a lesson for a day, but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long he lives"-Clay P. Bedford.
The school has well equipped computer lab. with latest technology based computers and online facility. Different topics are taught to the students through Smart Class to enhance their knowledge of the topic.



Sports and Games
“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t pla y together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”
To resuscitate the true meaning of education, the school recognizes sports as an indispensable part of education therefore it has evolved a mandatory involvement of all students in sports and games to benefit themselves.Sports give them an opportunity to learn the difference between jealousy and healthy competition, importance of team work , rejoicing on winning and accepting the defeat graciously.The school is laying emphasis on various outdoor sports like Swimming, Karate, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Basket Ball etc. and indoor sports like Chess, Carom board , Table Tennis etc. to bring out their balanced personalities.Sports have made their presence felt at National and International level also.

Maths Week
Bal Bharatians honed their analytical power through various activities conducted in the school. The students of class I participated in scintillating and knowledgeable Ramp Walk with Mathematical Hats wherein they outdid each other in attire, concept explanation and confidence. The students dressed as doctors, accountants, teachers, architect, tailor, dress designers, green grocer explained the use of Mathematics in their profession. Quiz was conducted for the students of class III-V on various concepts of Maths.
The fun oriented activity 'Brain Teasers' helped in developing the reasoning power of the students and improving their concentration skill. Children learnt how to spend wisely and economically through budgeting their pocket money. The concept of bills, discounts, measurement of length, weight and capacity were also easy through the activity.

Special Assemblies
"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate"- Oprah Winfrey Various days of special importance are celebrated by organizing special assemblies for the social and moral upliftment of Bal Bharatians.

Montessori Department
"Children are so important in our lives, and when we work, we need to be able to find quality childcare". Neelte WMc Nulty
. Montessori education is an adventure in new levels of self-sufficiency found by Maria Montessori where the children are continuously working on perfecting themselves, and we at Bal Bharati, provide an environment where opportunities are ever present to work towards that goal of being independent with skills to handle such freedom and responsibility. As Maria Montessori,"To aid life, leaving it free, however, that is the basic task of the educator".



   Inter School Competition:- In ‘Poem Recitation Competition’ Guneet Kaur made the school proud by getting second prize
  and Tanisha Kalra bagged consolation prize.Bal Bharatians graced the ramp in ‘Fashion Show’ by depicting three different eras:
  1940 -60, 1970-90 and 2000-14. Students of class IV Manya Mehta and Pranav Makkar grabbed consolation prize.
   In ‘Dance Competition’ Jasicapreet Kaur of class IV got second prize in solo dance (folk) competition.

  BBPS 9TH   Punjab  State Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate Championship:-More than 80 students participated in 9th Punjab         State    Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate Championship 2014 held on 20th July . BBPS, Ldh bagged 27 Gold, 25 Silver and 25 Bronze

BBPS 13TH Okinawan Shorin Ryu National Karate Championship:-13th Okinawan Shorin Ryu National Karate Championship 2014, was held at Padam Bhushan Sports Complex, Diu(daman and diu) from 3-5 August 2014 . BBPS students got 4 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze.BBPS students played a big role in bringing victory for Punjab. The medalist students are selected for the International Karate Tournament which is to be held at Malaysia in the month of November 2014 .

Punjab School Zonal Badminton Competition :-In Punjab School Zonal Badminton Competition held from 4 Aug – 6 Aug 2014.Prabal Bansal, Somansh Girdhar Gursahib Singh were selected for Semi-Finals.

Open District Badminton Competition :-Open District Badminton competition was held from 29 July to 1 Aug 2014 at Guru Nanak Stadium.Prisha Soni of class V achieved second position in U-10 Girls Category

Ludhiana Sahodaya Schools Swimming Championship :-Total 10 students of Bal Bharati Public School, Ludhiana participated in Sahodaya Schools Complex Swimming Championship ,held at GRD Academy on 11-12 August 2014.Around 15 schools participated in this championship. In this championship, Bal Bharatians achieved 17 medals ( 9 Gold, 3 Silver and 5 Bronze medals. Arnav Gupta of class V A achieved BEST SWIMMER AWARD.

Punjab School District Skating Competition:-Punjab School District Skating Competition was held at Leisure Valley on 29-30 Aug 2014.9 students participated in this competition. Dhriti Mahajan of class IV-A achieved Silver Medal in 300m and 1000m U-17 category.

PARENT TEACHER MEETINGS- A regular feature of BBPS, Ldh :-Parent Teacher interactions (which are conducted at the end of every month) serve as platform where teachers and parents discuss the differences in their child’s thinking patterns, how they learn that makes all the difference. Understanding these differences becomes the foundation for the discovery that each child has a unique way of learning, his own process of taking information, storing it, recalling it and expressing it. Understanding child’s thinking pattern can be valuable in helping him access his abilities.

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